Frustrated with Office 365 Support

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We have an issue (since 6 June) and cannot get anyone at Microsoft to resolve


In brief I was an Admin on a Business 365 account.

We wanted to close the 3 person subscription and open 3 individual personal Office 365 accounts


We were told we should delete all users and then remove the domain from the Business Subsciption

We deleted all users (including ourselves) and were then locked out of the account.  There is now no users and no admin on the account.


All we want to happen is for Microsoft to remove the domain from the Business Subscription.


We have had a couple of tickets from Business Support, we then had Data Protection Team (and we were able to prove to them who we were by getting a TXT on the domain? We were then told as it was going to a personal account we would need to speak to the Personal Support.  Spoke to them who said as it was locked into a Business Account we would need to speak to Business Support!!!!!


We have tried account recovery forms numerous times but we set the account up 21 years ago so some of the answers we are unsure of.  We know the last emails etc as we can cut and paste them from Outlook.


I am worried that the account may now get deleted and also within a week I will no longer have a Office 365 subscription and will lose access to Word, Excel and Outlook!   We have paid for the Personal Subscriptions but cannot activate them until we release the domain from the Business Account.  Our Business has had no email for over 5 weeks now!!


I just dont know where to turn!!


Any ideas?


Many thanks in advance

Ken Robertson






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I would love to know the conclusion of this item since I do not want to run into this same issue as I often use my long-term MS account and do not want to get it tangled up when switching between licenses, especially as a small business owner.