Folders and Rules Support for Microsoft 365 Groups in Outlook MC422161

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Per Message Center update #MC422161, in OWA for groups, if you enable it, you are supposed to be able to create a folder in OWA for the group mailbox.  I've used the suggested powershell to enable this option (set-organizationconfig -IsGroupFoldersAndRulesEnabled $true).  But so far I cannot create a folder.  I'm going to outlook in my browser, and inside groups, I'm right mousing on the group and expecting there to be an option to make a folder, but I don't have that option.  Or am I looking in the wrong spot?  Is this feature working for someone else that can tell me where I can find the command to make the folder?  Thanks.

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The implementation was postponed but few days ago the function appeared in our tenant (enabled by powershell 2 months ago).
Unfortunately, it is useless in the current state.
Ok, I can live with the limitation that you can create folders in WEB interface only, but you can't see created folders in desktop Outlook client as well!?!?!?!
It means all manually or by rule moved emails to separate folders will disappear completely and you are unable to see them in any way in desktop Outlook.