Flow does not connect to Group Forms

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I am wanting to create a FLOW from MY GROUP FORMS.  However, these forms do not show up in the selection list, nor do the Shared With Me forms.  

How can I access them?



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You should be able to use custom and get the form ID out of the URL and use that.
For example this forms url:


Copy everything after Id=
Paste this after clicking “custom” in the flow as @Chris Webb said

Just what I needed. Tx

@adam deltinger 

I am now getting the following error on the "Get response details" step...
UnauthorizedAccess to CDB. Inner Message: {"error":{"code":"OperationForbidden","message":"Unauthorized Access","innerError":{"code":"UnauthorizedAccess"}}}


Any further suggestions would be appreciated. 

@NickD_CA- Ran into the exact same issue here. The problem in my case was that I was using a service account connection in Power Automate but I needed to make the service account a member of the Group so it could access Form responses.