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I want FindTime to use Teams as the default meeting option and not Skype for Business (currently in my tenant meetings are sent as Skype for Business meetings).


I read the following articles:


and the user voice at that says this feature is available for quite sometime.


The above articles say:

"When Online Meeting is selected, FindTime will schedule a Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams meeting. FindTime will use whichever has been set by your organization as the default online meeting channel.


Note: If you saved a Skype for Business setting in your dashboard, FindTime will use that instead of Microsoft Teams. If you want to use Microsoft Teams, delete the Skype for Business setting in your dashboard."


When I go to the FindTime Dashboard, I am unable to find the option to delete the Skype for Business option.


What am I missing here? Is there a tenant level option in Office 365 Admin Center where I can say that all meetings scheduled with FindTime are going to be Teams meeting?


Any FindTime alternative that does the same thing and uses Teams?



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FindTime will use your coexistence settings, you can set this per user in Teams Admin Center or per organisation.


So if you are in Coexistence mode Skype for Business with Teams collaboration and meetings or Teams Only, then FindTime will schedule Teams meetings.

@Linus Cansby Thanks, changing to Teams Only solved the problem.

@Miguel Lopes Isidoro 


it is a bit older Thread but a quick question.

Did you change this in Teams Admin Or through PowerShell? can you Share few steps please.




Hello, @Miguel Lopes Isidoro.


You can change coexistence mode from both of them:

Teams Admin Center:

  1. Go to
  2. Org-wide settings.
  3. Teams upgrade

Yo will see something like this:

Coexistence mode.PNG

To change coexistence mode from Powershell you need to follow these:

Install Microsoft Teams PowerShell - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

Set your coexistence and upgrade settings - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

Teams client experience and conformance to coexistence modes - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


Please, let me know if you need futher assistance.