Extra fields in Planner?

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Are there any plans to allow optional extra fields, for example projected actual start and end dates, milestone dates, or certain other bespoke fields?   I note there export functionality from Planner, to enable reporting, but it is only of limited value with restricted prescribed fields.

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Hi @ColinFBMH

Uservoice open for it here -

Would vote to push it up the agenda. Microsoft has given it a response -

'Thanks for your feedback! We’d like to add custom columns to Planner, but don’t have anything planned at this time. We’re working on three big initiatives that are landing later this year (stay tuned!) and will likely start work on recurring tasks soon after. Please continue to vote as we utilize UserVoice heavily to order our product backlog and will adjust regularly if things change!'

Voting on these, you will recieve notifications if it gets picked up. It's a high number of users who have voted here and when you get to this number it is moving in the right direction. Also if you see any Planner AMA's here on the Tech Community, get on them and ask the question again referring to that uservoice - the more visible it is the more momentum is created

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

Many thanks @Christopher Hoard