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Hi all.


Wondering if Exchange Online has a feature where you can by default delay emails sent between specific times.


Example, boss has a current practice of creating emails after work hours, saving them as drafts and then sending them in the morning as she doesn't want people reading and responding to them out of office hours.


I'm looking for a way to automate this process, and maybe even apply it organisation wide - ie, any emails sent after 6pm at night are queued and automatically delivered at 8am the next day. Would obviously require some sort of prompt advising user that email won't be delivered until next day and with some sort of override (send now) option.


Is this kind of feature available or are there 3rd party apps which will allow this type of behaviour?(realise outlook lets you delay sending of email but need this on a server level to work on phone and tablet devices).

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Outlook has a "delay sending" functionality, but that's of course client-side. There is no server-side solution you can use in ExO. Moderation can help you do that, but that will require someone manually approving the messages for release.

Hi @David Bourke,


have a look at OffHours add-in for Outlook,  OffHours for Outlook 365 OWA

and at the tenant-wide tool named DelayOutOfHoursEmails.