Exchange hybrid configuration across multiple regions

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A bit of explanation first: we have an Exchange organization across multiple sites (regions) but only one forest. These "regions" are US, Japan, China, India etc. and each region has its own Exchange servers to manage. Furthermore, we have a single common Office 365 tenant and already configured hybrid environment. This was configured and ran in US.


That region configured the hybrid with their own settings, Transport Certificate server (and certificate), organization FQDN (which configures outbound mail connector), etc. Of course, the migration endpoint is now configured between O365 and US and so is mail flow.


Now, we would like to configure a hybrid for India, China and other locations as well. So, adding new domains, but would like to set India's Exchange servers for mail flow, no Edge servers, India endpoint, etc.


So, if we run the hybrid on India Exchange server and choose only India specific configuration and settings, what will happen to the existing hybrid configuration for US? Will it be overwritten or will it stay the same and the new for India will be added? 



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