Excel save issue for xls type file when office 365 is installed

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Recently office 365 was installed in PC( Previously it was office 2016)


After installation , one issue is observed for xls file save to desktop path.

The desktop path to which file is saved is under oneDrive folder

e: C:\Users\A0144545\OneDrive - Location\デスクトップ\FileName.xls


xlsx file save to same location is successful.


Kindly advise on how to resolve the issue.

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XLS files are now extremely old and support for such files is diminishing especially with the cloud approach. XLS files are binary whilst the newer XLSX files are XML based.

You should ask yourself the question, does it need to be XLS? If there’s absolutely no good reason then you should just convert it to XLSX/XLSM.


Thank you for the reply.


The file needs to be in xls format.

Is there any settings that restrict user to  save xls workbook to desktop path which is configured under one drive.

If file is saved to default desktop path , i.e c:\users\Username\desktop the xls file save is successful.


Issue is only with below path:

C:\Users\A0144545\OneDrive - Location\デスクトップ\FileName.xls

The issue is observed only when one drive is signed in.

xls file cannot be saved to the location

C:\Users\A0144545\OneDrive - Location\デスクトップ\FileName.xls