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OK I'm sure this is simple...BUT...I've been using Microsoft 365 Family for a couple of years now. Excel user for over 25 years. Usually able to figure out "user error" myself, this time I'm stumped. I have a family bill sheet in excel I have used for over 12 years. I recently added some features to track expense categories. Copied it to another worksheet as a version 2 to make additional changes. I have now finished version 2 to its final state. But when I went to make a copy for the next month, right click, and options Insert, Delete Rename, Move or Copy, Tab Color, Hide, Unhide are not available to choose from, the only choices are, View Code, Protect Sheet or Select all Sheets. I am missing something simple, and after many wasted hours spent trying to figure it out, I need your expert advice. PLEASE HELP. Bob

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Just a guess, are the sheets grouped?

@BradD Yes they are.  Cannot make changes to any of them

Then they need to be ungrouped before you can do anything regarding moving and copying.