Excel 365 LET not found #Name?

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I have office 365 ProPlus. In Excel I can see functions like Filter, Sequence, Unique, and other dynamic array functions, etc. but for some strange reason, I don't see the LET function. The Intellisence does not recognize LET, furthermore, I get a "#Name?" error.  I have the latest version Build # 12527.20988. I searched the internet for this error, but nothing.  any help would be great.

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@Loay1166, Picture of the problem of the error. is this new functionality in beta and not fully released?



I have a similar problem, from a different angle. I'm in a corporate environment, we all have Office/Excel 365. I've written formulas with LET, no problem on my machine, but my manager gets the #NAME? error on his machine, and LET doesn't come up with Intellisense on his machine. Still looking for answers...