Error when loading Office 365

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Hello everyone,


I have recently had to download Visual studio 2017. I didn't have enough room on my C:\ but I did have over 830 free gigs on my D:\... I partitioned my d:\ and now have a C:\, D:\ and E:\. I moved all of my programming software to the E:\ where there is more room. I changed the download location to the E:\drive when downloading the files from Visual studio then moved the path back to the C:\drive after. I restarted in between each so the path changes took.


MY question is ... Now when I try and redownload office365 I get an error saying this program can't be brought up. I contacted Microsoft support and the gentleman remoted into my computer, updated the software, used the repair tool, ran a command prompt provided my Microsoft. restarted my computer. Changed settings and then tried the download again.... nothing.... Still the error. 


He said that he went as far as he could go but since he was an office specialist and not an office specialist He'd have to get a specialist to help me. I told him thank you and waited in the chat for a specialist to arrive.... 2 hours later nothing.... I'm curious if anyone here could help me?


The error is: The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). Click Ok to close the application. Please help!

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Hi there! I have the same problem and this works for me:


Follow the steps on that link and le me know how it goes.