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My email signature is not syncing from desktop to my mobile device. It was working fine a few months ago and has suddenly stopped.

To clarify, I do not use an outlook app on my mobile/desktop but instead log in to the website through Google chrome on both devices.

It used to sync to the default signature I set on my desktop but has stopped working.

I renamed the desktop signature a few months ago so feel that is the cause of the problem. The issue is I can't find how to reset the settings or get the 'default' signature setting back.

Any suggestions?
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It seems that you might have set up the email signature in Outlook for Windows, which doesn't sync to Outlook on the web. Outlook on the web can't have a name for a signature. To get an email signature on Outlook on the web, you need to set up a separate signature in this client (here are instructions on how to do that). You can use both the mobile device or desktop for that, but doing it on desktop is going to be much easier.

How it used to work before is a mystery to me, but it seems you simply had a signature set up in Outlook on the web before.

Thank you for your response but this is the way I've always set my signature. As stated in my original post, I always log in through a web browser. My signature syncs readily between my home computer and work computer but not to my mobile web browser.

Unless I'm missing something completely obvious with the settings or logging in through the browser does not take you to the web based version of Outlook, then I'm at a bit of a loss.

Thank you for your help anyway :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:


      Wondering if there has been any resolution to this problem - because I've also run into it. I already had an Outlook Web Signature setup (using Chrome on a Windows Desktop - not that this should matter) as Adam said it should be. Still, my outlook web signature will not sync to the Outlook app on Android. It appears that the Microsoft developers of the Outlook Android app want me to create a separate and independent signature for the same email account on my phone. Is this an accurate assessment of the situation? @tattythomas 

@tattythomas Hi, My advice to avoid any issue that can happen with email signatures is to use professional email signature generators. If it has an integration with Office 365 all this trouble won't happen, cause all nuances are thought out by professionals. 

@Adam Aardvark 

Microsoft has put an end to these sync issues, they no allow Synchronize Outlook signatures across all the Outlook clients. No more setting of same email signature across all the Outlook clients.