Easiest way to inform the Team that a new files is uploaded?

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There are several ways to "discuss" a file in Teams. Before a meeting in our organization, we often send every attendant the files as attachments by Outlook in order to know which files we are going to discuss. 

The same procedure occure if some of our partners have finished a "draft" and we want to have a discussion around this file. 

Therefore I am wondering, whats the best way to replace the "Outlook-attachment-way" by only using the Teams-app? Also is there a way to "select multiple" files that you want to discuss?

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Jan Erik 

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Hi, the first thing that comes to mind is replacing the emails and attached files with this approach.

With that said I would recommend setting up different teams creating several channels within depending on project, topic, individuals etc. and just have all the files there. Also add (invite) your partners as guests to the concerned team for proper collaboration.

My apologies if not fully understand your current scenario.

@ChristianBergstrom Thanks!


Well, thats of course a way to do it. But yes, maybe not that different from sending an e-mail. But maybe the only way to do it. 


And yes, we do have several Teams for our (real estate) projects. And we have different channels, one being "Design" where we have all our Architects, Landscape architects, Consultants etc. Therefore we have many folders, subfolders and also a lots of files that are being uploaded weekly. Then I was wondering if there was an easy way for the architect to let me know when for example the new PDF is uploaded in a specific file and an easy way to "link" me the PDF.