Duplicate Embedded PowerApps?

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This started yesterday, some of my PowerApps I have embedded in our SharePoint Online site are showing up twice. They do not show up twice when editing the page. It doesn't happen when using IE, only on Chrome and the new Edge. I have also confirmed that they're showing up twice for other users as well. 

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I am having the same issue. It's super frustrating. It's one during edit and immediately after publishing in sharepoint site, but duplicates as soon as I refresh. Used in Chrome and Safari. Same problem.

@PiaRob  It appears to be fixed on our end now. That was annoying

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Hi @freeluv, thanks for reporting this duplication issue. We've checked in a fix and you should see it by the end of this week, if you haven't already.

@Steven_Jia_ Thank you! I did already see the fix. Thanks again

@Steven_Jia_   Has this been pushed to everyone yet?  We are still experiencing this issue.

@John_Dietle Yes, it's been pushed out to everyone. Could you try again after clearing your cookies, and attach a screenshot if you're able to and are still seeing this problem?

@Steven_Jia_  cleared cookies and cache, went to site page was fine, Refreshed browser and get the duplicate.  Using Edge and SharePoint Online.



Seems like its the Refresh that triggers it.  I move from page to page and its fine.  if I press Refresh(F5) that is what will do it.

@Steven_Jia_  This morning I logged in and I am pretty sure Refresh changed from F5 to CTRL-R  and the problem went away.  I can still use F5, CTRL-R or click the refresh button all work = Refresh and only 1 powerapp appears.