Download (Save) PDF file directly from browser to sharepoint

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Is there a way to save PDF files directly to sharepoint or i have to download it first and then upload it from my pc to sharepoint? I have some fillable PDF forms on some other site that i would like to save on sharepoint. Is there maybe some chrome extension?

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AFAIK, Adobe does not offer this integration at the moment
If you open the files in adobe itself there is a online or cloud service tab that can utilize SharePoint online. Just set this up for someone the other day.

You could also sync the SharePoint library and save direct from any save as file dialog as well.

I create a transfer folder in OneDrive and save my files there. Then I've got a Flow that automatically runs that copies the file to a specific location in SharePoint.

@Chris Webb Second option seems interesting, do i have to use some kind of extension to do that? If not, could you explain me how to do it a little bit more?  
I don't think that the first option is what i need, because i would like to do everything online and in order to use upload from adobe i would have to download file to pc and then upload it, right?


@Robin Nilsson How do you save files directly to onedrive?

In Outlook theres a dropdown on each attachment that says ‘upload’, also in the ribbon, and those end up in a folder called ‘attachments” in my main one drive folder. We are still on premise exchange.  This is on Win10, and I’ve got OneDrive synching to my PC. I manually move then to another folder that has my Flow hooked up to it. I traded a little manual work for a simpler flow that didn’t have to make too many decisions. To orrow when i get into work I’ll post a pic.


 But you were taking from a browser. Since i have the sync client running my onedrive folders show up in File Explorer 

@Robin Nilsson Please tell me more about this. It's driving me crazy that I cannot open a PDF from my browser and then save it to my organization sharepoint library (without first downloading locally and uploading)!