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Is MS serious..?


How come you expect me or anybody to have admin access to some one else's domain... simply guide the user to contact MS support for domain dispute....





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Don’t really get what’s so strange?
A domain can only exist in one tenant at any given time!
And to add it you will of course need to show that it’s yours!
In this case this domain exists in another tenant and must have been added by someone with administrative rights, so everything seems alright here

@adam deltinger


The strange thing is - Microsoft has already accepted that I am the domain owner - that's fine.

However later MS is asking me to log in to somebody else's domain and remove the domain added there.... obviously I do not have the admin credentials of that tenant..


Better part would have been to suggest the user to contact MS support to create a case for Domain Dispute...



The screenshot above only shows that you have tried to add the domain to an O365 tenant, not that you have proven ownership. In many cases, such issues can arise from the fact that someone else signed up for a "viral" O365 service, without coordinating with the admin staff, and now you need to perform a "domain takeover":

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@Vasil Michev 


Thanks for your suggestion. The issue here is I do not have access to the tenant that already has my domain registered. Hence there is no way I can log in to that tenant and remove the domain from that tenant, no matter of I try internal or external takeover.


that's why I said seems quite strange that MS is recommending to log in to someone else's tenant and remove the domain from there.... MS has already verified that I own the domain... 


This is simply the case of Domain Dispute.....I am in touch with MS support so that they can contact the owner of the tenant and get ( removed from there....


My tenant is





Thebisdue here is how they could have set up snd vettigt your domain?

@adam deltinger


I recently bought it from Go Daddy - two months ago & tried to add it to my tenant a week ago... so quite possibly someone else may have been using it earlier in there O365 Tenant...



@Robin Nishad 


If Vasil's suggestions does not work, I highly suggest to create a ticket on 'Need Help'. Verify the domain ownership through TXT record - give them a screenshot and let Microsoft Support refer the ticket to Data Protection.


I am guessing that the other tenant have just added it but haven't verified it since you have control over your domain manager (or it might be possible if there are other admin who has access to it and add it) but again I am not entirely sure. Hope it helps. 

The whole idea behind the takeover process is that you don't (need to) have access to the tenant currently using the domain. Just follow the procedure and you can "free" the domain. That's of course assuming the domain was provisioned in a "viral" type of subscription. If it's a "regular" tenant, then work with support.

Did you end up getting this resolved

I am helping a customer with the same issue