Does SharePoint sync NTFS metadata ?


I use 3rd party file manager, Directory Opus that is very efficient. It has a function to change colors of files and add labels. 

Doesn't seem to work on OneDrive or SharePoint files. 


Developer not sure.

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What happens with the files that have been synchronized from the cloud and are stored locally?
If all of you files are in the cloud your file manager my not be able to handle them correctly.

@Ronald Bond Jr. 


I use "files on demand" for most SP files. But I tested this on a file that was already marked "always save on this machine", used Directory Opus to change a pdf file color to orange,  waited a bit to allow synching to cloud, then browsed to the synched file on a different PC also using Directory Opus.  Color was  standard Adobe red as on the local machine.   Went back to first machine, color was still orange.

But if I copy the SP file to a folder on my lan server, change the color there using Directory Opus from my local machine, then from a different local machine than has Directory Opus, browse to the server, the file is orange.

So seems that SharePoint doesn't support the metadata for color?

There's a third party File Marker. But they'll tell you they use proprietary database to store color attribute. Only works on one PC, not even a lan.