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We would like to have a location where users outside of our organization can place files. We want to be able to monitor that location for a file to be created (we aren't sure of how we'll do this yet because it depends on where the file gets stored). Once a file is created, we want to kick off a python script to get that file, place it locally, upload it via an API to another service and then delete it from the original source. Any thoughts of where we should set up this sharing space so that we can also easily interact with it and automatically monitor it?

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Might I ask why you need to program this in Phyton? By the way, one possible way to achieve this is by creating an API in Azure that gets the data and you can call that API from your Phyton code

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I'm open to ideas. Where would you store the files and what would you use to make the API calls to another service? We need to upload the document via API to another application and then make additional API calls to get additional data from that service. We will then upload the data we get get from that API into a SQL database. The SQL database is on AWS RDS. We don't actually use Azure but we could possibly go that route if that seems promising. I don't know much about Azure.