Do shared mailboxes have limits?

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I currently have Microsoft 365 Business Basic for $5/month.


I have my main mailbox ( with licenses Microsoft 365 Business Basics and microsoft power automate free. This email address works as expected.


Today I created shared mailbox Then I went to "Active Users" tab and reset password. With this email (which is Unlicensed) I can log in to, and I have an inbox where I can send and receive emails. I just sent an email to a yahoo email address with no issues.


My question: besides the apps that Mark gets for Microsoft 365 Business Basics, what's the difference between a "regular" email address and the Unlicensed shared mailbox? Can I use as a regular email address? Are there any limits?

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What you have done is against the license terms - shared mailboxes should not be logged to directly. Instead, you grant users Full access permissions, and they in turn use their own (licensed) mailboxes to access the shared mailbox. Same from sending messages via it.


As for the different limits, they're all listed here:

I created the mailbox to send a notification. Is this against license terms?

Creating/using shared mailboxes is fine, you simply should not be changing their password and logging in directly.