Do I need to buy another Office365 account to have an office365 email for my printer

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Hi All,

I'm not up to speed with a lot of tech things - just the one that knows a tiny bit more than others in the office.


We have just moved and have a new fuji copier.  We are on office365 and while we had no issues at our previous location (with the old copier) the copy technician has been unable to get the scan to email working. 


The solution offered is that we need to have a new email account set up for the printer and we've been advised that this means we need to purchase an additional office 365 licence.  At the same cost as what we have on our computers (with full functionality).  This seems a little over the top and I think there must be an alternative.


We want the email from the copier to come from


Thanks for any help with this




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Hi, I think you may not need to buy the full license of all the services in Office 365, you can buy the O365 mail service alone or you can also try to use the shared mailbox or secondary mail box.
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For a service account, you can setup a Shared Mailbox, which does not require a license and then enable the account by resetting login information etc. and use it as a service account for printers. You don't want to do this for extra user accounts or you will break your licensing agreement but no reason you cannot use this method for printers.