Disable automatic numbering Outlook on the Web



Is it possible to disable automatic numbering when crafting messages etc in Outlook on the Web, please? It keeps resetting it to one when I separate the numbered paragraphs with a carriage return.

For example, I type 1. and it indents it so I backspace to place the one against the left margin. I then type the type the text against 1.

Add a carriage return and type 2. and it converts it to 1. and indents it. So, I backspace and it reverts to 2.

Quite annoying.

I cannot find an option to disable this feature.

Any solutions, please?

Thank you.

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Unfortunately the feature doesn't seem to be available, you could always raise a user voice for it?

@PK Player  Annoyed too!  My workaround is to put a space BEFORE any number I am listing and Outlook will not engage the auto numbering :).  Hope this helps.