Difference between Outlook 365 for Windows/Mac

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Alright, maybe this has already been mentioned somewhere else, but I'm at a loss.

On my MacBook, I'm able to add my Gmail account in Outlook, and also to sync my contacts and calendars along with it.
On my Windows machine, I get the feeling I'm still stuck with an older, clunkier version of the same software. And with the same process of adding my Gmail account, I only get email to synchronize to Outlook, with no options for syncing contacts and calendars.
Now, does anyone know if maybe the Mac version is newer and maybe the Windows version will follow soon? Obviously the knowledge is there, so why not use it on Windows also?
Another thing is that the much simpler Windows Mail client is indeed able to sync Gmail contacts and calendar, so why isn't this possible on the presumably much more advanced Outlook (which I also happen to pay for...)?

Thanks to anyone who can give me some insight in this matter.
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You are correct. 


You can set up your gmail account on Outlook for mac and the calendar and contacts will sync as well.

Reference: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/can-i-sync-my-google-account-with-outlook-for-mac-ba24d6df-...


As far as I know, you'll not be able to do it in Outlook for windows using an out of the box method.


However, I know there are 3rd party sync tools that you can use to sync your gmail contacts and calendars to your Outlook app on Windows.


Pretty good idea right? But there's a lot of customer who already raised their concern regarding this. May you could just vote up here:



@RaizelX Thanks for the reply! I did vote on the page you suggested, hope it will help. 

As for 3rd party software, I tried nearly all of them, and none of them give you the build-in feel that Outlook on the Mac does. Also, as mentioned the knowledge is already there, so why should we dabble with any helper programs to solve a problem which should not be a problem in the first place?

But that's just frustration talking :xd:

Guess we'll have to just wait.