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Hello I have been trying to figure why dictation isn't showing up on our Office O365 install. I have tried numerous things, but it doesn't appear to be enabled in our install of Office O365. I can't even find the option for it within the web apps for Word and other things.


Dictate your documents in Word - Office Support (microsoft.com)


In the above dictation post it lists as going to the Home > Dictation button to enable it, but I am finding no such option available anywhere on the web apps or the installed version of Office. I have run through the troubleshooting guide for this as well and it wasn't helpful. We have an active O365 subscription based on G3 licensing. Am I missing a central policy or something we need to turn on to get this working? I have a mic enabled device at it works with everything else and I am using the latest build of Office O365. I have no GPOs enabled that would prevent it from working either. Any thoughts anyone?

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Hello, dictation is not included in Government plans as of today (availability forthcoming in the disclaimer).