Desktop App for Planner?

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There only appears to be a web version?  Is there an app for a desktop on PC and/or Mac?

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Not currently,

There is a uservoice for it here

Would recommend you vote on it to push it up the agenda. Voting for the uservoice will also notify you if it has been picked up by Microsoft. I would also keep an eye out on this tech community for Planner AMA's where you can also raise this with the product team. There is a big appretite to push Planner forward so hopefully, we'll see something in the future

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris
Thanks Chris.

@Christopher Hoard  from me a THANKS too. Already voted now.

@Christopher Hoard: I don't think uservoice is useful. Some necessary features requested from users are still not be implemented 4 years later. This application is far below from competitor like Trello.

i want to @ColinFBMH 

@Christopher Hoard 


Like many others, I am far more interested in support for cross-project filtering by "assigned" that would allow managers to view all tasks assigned to a team member. That's critical functionality - I don't mind using web apps.

@ColinFBMH Use and add it to your apps folder

@ColinFBMH If you open the webapp in Edge (or Chrome) and create an app of the website (in Chrome also choose open in Window), it looks like a desktop application (but in fact still is a webapp). for more info: Creating Web Apps in Microsoft Edge - Microsoft Community

Great tip. Thank you!!

@ColinFBMH you should try this help before Microsoft has an official app: 

Microsoft Planner as a Windows 10 App - It's kind of a thing - Brainlitter (



@ColinFBMH you can import your planner tasks into Teams (Team > + > Add Planner Tasks), and use it from it's desktop app.


Take care



Thank You! Voting for this now. I've been looking for a way to get my wife to use digital planning as I can never keep up with her always-changing schedule, so I always have to refer my friends to her when they want to make plans with both of us.
I'm with you. Uservoice isn't useful. It seems that no one im Microsoft really look their.
Any updates on the desktop app for Planner? I see that the Uservoice link is no longer active.
Any updates from Microsoft, please? There's an android and an iPhone version available but none for MS Office. Seems like a pretty big missed opportunity?

@ColinFBMH I realize this thread is almost 2 years old, but want to share a hack for this that was recently shared with me. While there isn't a desktop app, there is a way to get you to nearly the same experience:


1. Open the MS Planner app in the latest version of the Microsoft Edge browser (this is important)

2. Click the three horizontal dots to the far right of the URL bar

3. Hover over Apps

4. Click "install this site as an app"


This will give you the ability to pin it to your taskbar, creating an experience very close to a desktop app. 


Hope this is useful!

@Jenn_Marescalco Thank you for taking the time and trouble.  ooks quite a hack! :)

I would suggest Microsoft To Do as a very good Task Manager and Planner.
I have done a short tutorial how to set up and start using it. It is has Phone App, Desktop App and for sure web version and they are all synchronized between each other.

@Jenn_Marescalco Just the job! Thank you for sharing this hidden gem!

I can see it is a similar idea to the Lists "desktop app", which I only discovered by accident a few days ago. It makes me question whether there are any other "desktop apps" that I don't know about yet......