Deploy computers with Microsoft 365 accounts

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Hi there (this is my first question here :) )


I have to deploy many computers for one business. They do not want Windows server AD on-premise anymore. They want to have everything on the cloud. So far so good.


So, I will give them Microsoft 356 Business licenses for every user. With exchange of course.

Their accounts will be something like name[at]

Now comes the questions:

1: They can log in on Windows 10 using Microsoft 365 by joining Azure AD. Azure AD is free? just for this purpose?

2: Since we are in a pandemic situation, they want to be able to connect to the resources remotely. We know that they can use up to 5 computers with one M365 account. How they can do that? It is the same process (joining on Azure AD with their laptops) or they can use the local account for windows and just sign into office 356 account so they will have access to all files on One Drive?


3: Where will be created the folders/files which should be shared with people in the same organization. I know will be used OneDrive. Thinking of Windows Server AD, there should be an admin account that will have all the folders/documents, and that person will share (or grant permission) to people, depending on access needed?


Thank you!!!!

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Hi @paradise3net 


1) Yes. There are a number of AzureAD plans


Check the features carefully - while your subscription will allow a device to Azure-AD Join and log on through their M365 credentials, there may be other features such as security or managing a device that is only included in a P1 or P2 subscription. Also, it is my understanding  that Windows Home Edition cannot be joined to AzureAD


2) They can use the Office Applications on up to 5 PC's/Mac. If you install Office on the 6th device, you will be prompted when you log that you're already using 5 devices. It will then unlicence the first device you had licenced, and licence the latest one. The sign in is done in the Office App themselves - you can just have the users log into a local account and install/sign in to Microsoft 365 from there. 


3) Few ways to go about this - OneDrive is normally used for personal files for a user, so it would typically be up to them to sort out the sharing a permissions. If there is a lot of shared data that everyone needs access to, you can create a SharePoint site and move the files there so an administrator can centrally administer permissions etc.


Hope this helps,