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I cannot view delegate mailbox in Outlook. Following is my configure.

I have two mailbox A-User and B-User

  1. Login Outlook as A-User, click File -> Account Settings -> Delegate Access, add B-User and give Editor permission of Inbox.
  2. Right click A-User's root inbox and select Properties -> Permission, select B-User and check "Create Items , Create subfolders, Edit all , Folder owner , Folder contact, Folder visible".
  3. Login Outlook as B-User on other computer, click File -> Account Settings -> Account Settings, select B-User and click Change -> More Settings -> Advanced, add A-User.



B-User ,  see only Inbox other directories are not visible.

Have to do this for each folder? I'm talking about consumers who can give themselves permissions. From admin console I know how delegate mailbox.

Maybe there is another solution from the user side?

Company used Exchange 365

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Didn't we go over this on the TechNet forums? If you want this done by the end user, they will need to adjust the permissions on each folder they want shared. You as the admin can automate it via PowerShell, or grant Full Access instead.