cursor not placing properly and not highlighting text to edit

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MS Office apps recently not functioning properly.  Most noticeable is in Excel when I try to place the cursor inside an already typed sentence in order to edit some text, the cursor automatically goes to the end of the sentence.  I have to back space to get to the part of the text that I want to change.  Also, I cannot highlight text to edit the text.  If I save the document then attempt to edit, it works only once and then does not work again.  Also noticed the same thing in Outlook just started to happen.  It does not happen in other non-MS apps i.e. I can use my Google Chrome browser with no issues when editing and highlighting text so it must be just a MS Office issue.  Any suggestions?

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@MWessel   I am having the same issue in Microsoft Word (but I'm using the software that came with the laptop, not the 365 app).  It is so frustrating (and maddening) to highlight a word or sentence (in order to cut, paste, or delete) and then NOT have it stay highlighted to execute the task.  I can't figure out what the problem is or why it's happening.  Having to use the arrow key, delete key, or backspace for everything is ridiculous and such a waste of time.  Unfortunately, I didn't see a reply to your call for help - we can't possibly be the only people on the planet having this issue.  I hope someone can provide some insight!

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Such issues are both sided like software or hardware, and need more than a Troubleshooting step to solve the issue!


Let me try to summarize those steps for you and for future users who may face the same issue :)


  1. Restart the affected Microsoft Office app
  2. Check for updates
  3. Repair the Microsoft Office installation
  4. Check for conflicts with other software
  5. Reset the Microsoft Office app
  6. Restart the device
  7. Update the device
  8. Repair or reinstall Office
  9. Check for malware or viruses
  10. Check for conflicts with other programs
  11. Check for hardware issues... check for RAM usage as you mentioned Chrome so it uses a huge RAM capacity! and freezing usually returns to the RAM response rate. Freezing for Apps may also come due to the mssing Device/Software Updates.


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@Caralina I noticed that the text is not displayed correctly.  So when you click (or doubleclick) on a displayed word, some other point gets the click.  This point can be about 6 to 10 lines higher than where you clicked. If you scroll all the way up to the top of your document, you will notice that the first few lines are missing.  This is clearly an embarrassing bug.

If the above description matches your predicament, one way to force Word to correct the display is to scroll to almost the top of your doc, then use the scroll bar HARD to move all the way up.  Smash the scroll bar to the top with all your pent up frustrations.  The missing text will appear and your mouse will be synched with the text.  It works for me.  

The answer provided by the MS guy was so bogus.