Create shared mailbox on Hybrid environment - directly on O365 or onpremises then migrate it to O365




What is the recommended way to create shared mailboxes for a hybrid environment? There are some issues if you create them directly to O365 -


Create it onpremises then migrate it to O365 is the best practice?

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1. Yes, you can if you have a Exchange 2013 or Exchange 2016 server in your hybrid environment that can create mailboxes straight from the EAC GUI. When you choose new Mailbox, there is an option for Office 365 mailbox, and then choose mailbox type Shared.


You can also use the enable-remote mailbox cmdlet in EMS with the new updates to EX 2013 and 2016 so that it creates a remote shared mailbox right away in the cloud without changing Attributes in AD. refer to


Exchange 2010 will require either performing the method i mentioned in my previous post or enabling a user remote mailbox from on-prem, changing to shared in EXO, then updating the attributes in AD so that it doesn't change back to a user mailbox. Refer to Draper's response above.


2. Your second question was answered by your third question. Any bulk creation of an Exchange object will require a CSV file fed into EMS or EXO powershell.


3, I don't have a CSV file on hand, but you can find one easily online. Performed a google search and found this.


hope this helps.


Hey GUys,


One thing to add to this: can you just use this command:


New-Remotemailbox -Remoteroutingaddress -Shared


I realize that would create a new user account and a new mailbox, is there a reason why the above command should be used? Or am I missing something with that command?




@Kyle Natoli 


I have CU21, In ECP i have option to create user, room and equipment mailbox but not shared mailbox

In Shell option is available.

How we can get shared mailbox option in ECP or GUI

Hi Jerry,
All our mailboxes are on O365. But we habd AD and DirSync with Exchange 2010 and just add 2016. So how do i create shared room and equipment mailbox?

I just tried to create shared mailbox on Office365 go to Exchange in Admin centers tab and it is working well successfully.