Contacts not showing with Office 365 after Version 2103 (Build 13901.20312) update

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The Contacts in my Outlook app on both my desktop and laptop are failing to display after the recent 2103 update of Office was automatically applied. Outlook is fine when I select Mail, Calendar, Tasks or Notes, but shows the word 'Loading' with dots going in a circle above the wording instead of showing my contacts. It then crashes the Outlook app and have to force quit.


It's OK when running Outlook in Safe Mode and I've disabled all Add-ins as a test, but still the same issue when running in normal mode. I'm now back up and running after uninstalling and re-installing Office using the 2102 Version of Office, and have disabled the Office automatic update to prevent the issue from coming back.


Has anyone else experienced this exact issue and a fix for it?

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This issue was resolved after applying the Version 2103 (Build 13901.20336) update, dated April 2nd.