Co-authoring and collaboration in Multi-Geo

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I've read most resources on Multi-Geo but I'm still unclear on how collaboration on documents would work. For example co-authoring from different Geo, how is the user experience?


From my understanding it might depend on where the document resides: if it's in OneDrive then it's in the user's PDL (preferred data location). If it's in a SharePoint site, it is also based on the PDL of user who created the site.

This would apply to an Intranet too (being also a SharePoint site) correct?


I understand the concept of Front Door and getting in the Microsoft Global Network but given the geographical location of the data, there is inevitably added latency for user in opposite continents/Geo

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@Michele Casazza Co-Authoring will work as-is.  There will be negligible difference as it it only the small chunks of data that transfer while coauthoring.