[Case #:32029792] - export in-place archive emails to pst

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This case was logged since the 18th July 2022.


I have been trying to save the In-Place archive email using Outlook and i am never successful at downloading the complete In-Place archive, it always stops after a long while and i usually gets around 25% of the email.


I went to log a support case. [Case #:32029792] - export in-place archive emails to pst


Someone started to help me by creating an individually profile on Outlook, however, it was not successful as well.

We ended up going to the Portal and thru Compliance > eDiscovery, we manage to export this email. 

This email has a size of 43GB and i have chosen the option to download the complete email in one PST file. However, after i download the export, it still splits the file into 5 pst files. 


This support staff has been over confident at multiples points during every phone call and insist i have done things incorrectly, I took screenshots of the options i choose and he says i need to do screen recording to prove that i have done it correctly. 


The most unprofessional part is when he does not close the Remote Session after every session. 


He even tells me that he shift going to be over and will followup on my case later and my working time at that point is around 12pm only. 


He has been calling my number in Singapore and he should have common knowledge about our working timing.

I am totally disgusting and upset by his unprofessional attitude. 



He even promised to handover this support  case to his colleagues that is in my working hours and I still do not hear from him. 


Currently, he says that

"As discussed, we are moving this ticket to further level to assist you as we have already exhausted all resources. Concern team will contact you and assist you further on this service request. Thank you for your time and patience. "


I still have no idea who is going to followup on this case. 


Anyone here can help or provide some advise?


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Hello Frannko

I think you are on the right path, however I think 43GB is quite large to export as the default limit is 10GB, how about breaking down the size by doing the content search in bits using date range. I suppose the email in archive are old emails

@EmekaNgene i have not tried the indexing method


i will study how the 5 files are being divided and think about how to make it work. 


Since i am given the option to keep everything in one PST file, i will assume that this file should not have broken into 5 portions. Refer above. 


Thanks to your advise.


I have more to ask now, if we disable the Archiving Feature thru Users - Exchange properties, refer below, Does all the emails in the archive gets transferred back to the main folder?



Hello @frannko

No, please don't disable the archive as the mail won't move back into the main folder