Cannot Login to Office 365 on Iphone through browser or word/excel apps

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I am attempting to login to Office 365 through but i am having problems with a couple users.


It is working fine for the users PC through:

  • Google Chrome
  • Office desktop apps


However when i try to login on the Iphone I get the message:

"The username may be incorrect. Make Sure you typed it correctly. Otherwise, contact your admin."


* I have tried on multiple phones


Possible Reason for Problem: Active Directory

I think that this is happening because i edited the proxyAddress field in the attribute editor in  Active Directory (Version: 6.2.9200.16384) in an attempt to get the correct email address to show in the microsoft outlook when the users name was typed. It was showing the and users did not like this.


I think this may have caused the issue however the Proxy Address field for that user is blank.











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