Cannot change font color

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hello!!! I just office 365 through my school...
For some weird reason, I am unable to change the font color in word or powerpoint. I go to select the text, and nothing happens.
The little A box with the arrow at the bottom right is default set to red, and when I click the little arrow, no drop down menu of colors pops up.


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Does it work in other Office apps such as Excel or only affect Word and Powerpoint? 


If you change the font to another one, does it allow you to then change the colour?


Can you change the font colour by selecting the text, right-clicking and using the context menu instead?



I have the same issue, with excel the color is black on screen and will not change, with PP the color is black on screen but print a different color, or when I share the PP via email it shows a different color. What can I do?