Can't share a file in Excel or Word

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We are unable to share Excel or Word documents that are stored in SharePoint Online.  When we open them in the desktop app and click the Share button at the top of the window, then enter some names of colleagues, it just sits there searching:





Can anyone help with this please?  We use a proxy server in work (Sophos SG UTM) but it also fails at home when bypassing the proxy.  Everything looks to be OK with AADC and searching for users elsewhere in Office 365 works fine.  It seems to be broken for all users.


Any suggestions welcome please.

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After months of no help from Microsoft I've figured this out myself.  Hopefully posting the solution here will help somebody else avoid wasting time on this like I did.


It was caused by a legacy IE setting pushed out by Group Policy.  It's the "Do not save encrypted pages to disk" setting in the Advanced tab of IE settings.  We don't even use IE, we use Chrome!


They seem to love asking for logs repeatedly but not actually offering any hints or suggestions!