Can't save a Word document if I hve just created the folder in OneDrive

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If I create a folder in OneDrive it takes a few minutes to upload to one drive.  I feel that is too long but that's beside the point of this post.


Once I do that I create a Word Document and I try to save it in that folder.  OneDrive says I cannot, I have to wait for that folder to sync in order to save my document.  This is very frustrating and a business risk.  I could save it in another folder and instead of waiting to sync I could try to remember to move all of my documents around into the right places at some point, but that is a business risk too.


If I create a non-Microsoft file and try to save it to OneDrive in this folder I can do so.  What is this crazy UX that I have to follow in order to get this working quickly nobody likes waiting around until they are given permission to save, it's such a basic event in todays' world.

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