Can't login to my Office 365 account on new laptop

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I have a new Dell Inspiron 7786 running Windows 10 Pro. I need to install Office 365 Business Premium but cannot login to my Office 365 account.

I can search the internet, browse to all manner of non-Microsoft sites without issue.


However, I cannot access anything Microsoft. Even attempting to "Check Updates" (Windows Update), results in an unable to connect message.


When I go to, I get the signin box and enter my login. I then enter my email as I normally would but receive the message: "There was an issue lookingup your account. Tap Next to try again.", or a screen that shows: "Hmmm...can't reach this page".


Dell support was unable to fix this even by manually installing Win 10 update from build 1809 to 1906.


Yes, I can use my login for Office 365 account on other Win 10 and Win 7 computers.


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Have you tried disabling the firewall and any Antivirus on the computer? Check for third party AV!
Tried connecting from other network?


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I have exactly the same problem.  Did you find a resolution?

@Jerry Bichsel I have just purchased a Dell and am having the same issues with logging in to anything Microsoft.  Were you able to get the issue resoled?