Can't install 365 on one of my computers.

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I first tried installing it on my main computer. It says its installed, I click on the Excel app and Office 2016 pops up asking for the registration key.


I go to Add Remove programs, get rid of Office 2016. Restart. Try again. Same error.

I then use the Microsoft tool to remove Office with the Uninstall Support Tool (option 2):


It said it successfully removed it. I restart the computer, download 365, install the apps again, open Excel and again, it ask for an Office 2016 key.


I then do a complete wipe out and reinstall windows and select delete all data/files.

Download 365 again and it pulls up 2016 again.


Frustrated I figured I would try it on my next computers.

2nd Win10 Computer: Success on 1st attempt.

3rd Win10 Computer: Success on 1st attempt.

4th Win10 Computer: Success on 1st attempt.

5th Mac Computer: Success on 1st attempt.


So it appears that there is something going on with my main computer. I reset it a 2nd time and again, same issue.


Can someone help? This computer is my main one for a few reasons. It would really make life easier if I can use this computer. I use my computer on a projector and for some strange reason, this is also the only computer that shows clearer and brighter on the projector. The other computers are a bit dimmer. Maybe a better graphics card because I went to display settings and could not get them to look as good as this one.


Thank you guys for any help



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The issue was resolved by a Microsoft expert via remote desktop. There was a conflict between a deep rooted office 2016 that only an expert could delete. Thanks microsoft!