Best Approached to demote last exchange and keep Azure AD Connect

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Hi Team,


I have exchange 2010 and plan to migrate to Office 365. I have +- 50 mailbox.

My requirement is, I need to demote all Exchange in On Premise and use Azure AD Connect to run PHS.


what method is best suited to meet these requirement ?





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According to Microsoft this is not a supported scenario. When using ADconnect there should be an instance of Exchange running On-Premises. There are a free Hybrid license for Exchange 2016 also, if no mailboxes live onpremises.

To read more about this and different scenarios, please read here:

Although, many DO remove all servers even in this scenario. It’s up to your org to decide here. To remove exchange totally there’s plenty of guides step by step online


Hi@adam deltinger ,


how about cutover migration, demote exchange, last running azure ad connect and perform hardmatch,

is it possible ?


or how about staged migration, is it possible?