Azure AD Connect Distribution groups to in cloud managed

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Hi all

I'm managing a hybrid tenancy at the moment for which the distribution groups are managed in Active directory and then synced to office 365.


I would like to be able to manage the distribution groups in cloud as I find it more intuitive.


In my mind, once you stop syncing all of the existing hybrid office 365 distribution groups they're converted into in-cloud groups. Am I correct?

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Depends on what you mean by that. You need to disable synchronization server-side, by running the Set-MsolDirSyncEnabled cmdlet or via the UI.

@Vasil Michev I'd like to convert existing distribution groups into cloud managed rather than AD managed but maintain the rest of the AAD sync as normal. Additionally, I don't want the have to recreate all of the DGs in cloud but for them to persist as in-cloud DGs.

There's no way to "convert" a synced object to cloud one. You have to recreate the DG directly in O365.