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I currently have an email address that users email for help, that we are deactivating.  This will no longer be a valid form of contact for our end users.  I want to setup an auto reply (not an out of office), just a reply that goes back to the individual who is emailing with a short message on how to contact our service desk.  


How do I do that?  I cannot find out where to do that.

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Log into it via OWA - click the cogwheel for settings - automatic replies and set it up

@adelnegro Hi there!  You can do this right from the admin center for an exchange mailbox- click on Active Users and select the user account you would like to add an auto-reply for.  Then expand the mail settings- screen shot attached.  You will see an option for automatic replies and you can edit the reply right from that screen.

If you want a reply that's sent for each message received, and not once per sender, you need to configure an Outlook rule.

@Vasil Michev @adelnegro - that is true!  However, I have found that using the admin console is the least burdensome for the admin and puts some of the ownership back on the user to read the auto reply- and also when they compose an email to the soon to be decommissioned email address they will see the auto reply at the top which should empower them with the info they need to move forward and email the correct recipient. The admin center option also works well for a larger tenant because you can easily add a forward there as well to catch any missed emails from the unmonitored mailbox.

If you want a message to appear at the top in Outlook then configure a MailTip for that mailbox in the Exchange admin portal. This allows you to do a Outlook rules as well or a mail flow rule. The latter is required if you are decommissioning (aka deleting) the mailbox users are emailing

@Brian Reid Hi Brian, what makes you say it's required?  I think there is some good to a mailflow rule, however it really depends on how different organizations decomission a mailbox.  I don't see how it is required if you are just going to delete the mailbox and there is no need for retention.  If you could elaborate on your thought process there that would be helpful- thanks!