auto reminder for booked resource

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We have a 20 or so meeting rooms that people can book, We also have an issue with people then now using the booked room/resource this is becoming an issue for the company with empty rooms.


Is there a way to send a Auto reminder asking do you still need the resource you have booked 

like a few hours before the meeting or the day before.


I have been unable to find anything hoping someone here can advise 



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There's nothing build-in for that scenario, you will have to write your own solution.

You could most likely use power automate flow to accomplish this. You would have to have a system account licensed for flow and access to all the resource mailboxes but they could trigger a flow and pause for the difference in the current date and the start of the meeting minus two hours or 24 hours and then do actions when it fires off. So email x, or even start an approval making them approve they resource is still needed. If they don’t respond you can even cancel it but that might cause some drama!

Anyway. Power automate flows is what you would want to look at to accomplish this!

@Vasil Michev  Thanks for your reply 

@Chris Webb Thanks for the reply would you happen to know if there are any templates for the ?

Or will a need to build for scratch  

Probably not since your utilizing Shared Calendars probably in this case, but there are some dealing with them to give you some idea's on how to do it possibly. Here is one I found that has some of the functions.