Auto BCC in Microsoft 365 Outlook

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My boss needs all my outgoing emails to have him BCC'd onto them.

If I don't have an automated BCC to all emails I compose, reply to and forward, I know there'll be message I forget to add him to.


Is there any way (Rule, Plugin, Add-on, something) that can allow me to do this in Outlook?


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@JJ_info  Hey, can you get an Exchange administrator to create a mail flow rule?

Admin Centre > Mail Flow > Rules > Apply if sender is $you > Do the following > Bcc the message to $boss.













This way, the rule applies no matter what you send the email from - Outlook desktop, web, mobile, etc.


Thanks for this, I'll have to look into it and see who the right guy to do this is.

@JJ_info Why he needs BCC? If he really needs to see those messages, you can share the SentItems folder with him, either through delegation, or folder sharing.

It's possible to share the sent folder with a contact? How do I set this up??



I have the same need even if slightly different.

I want myself in bcc to receive have all mails and thus apply auto-rules.

If I follow the "copy-all-message" flow,  rules are not applied.

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@Ru do you happen to know if this takes a little time to start working? I attempted to do this with a few of our users and it doesn't appear to be working. Maybe I need to wait for things to sync with servers etc.? 



Exchange Transport Rules, aka ETR, can take between 30 mins to 2 hours to take effect.

BCC to self can also be achieved through ETRs, as illustrated in above response by @Ru


I was using a 3rd party add-in to auto BCC my work emails so that my CRM tool would receive a copy and automatically store and associate the email with the person(s) in the TO line. Due to un-fixable sync errors, I recently moved from Office 2007 to Office 365. But the 3rd party company does not offer their add-in on Windows 7 Pro (64 bit) running Office 365 (64 bit).


Does MS also make this auto BCC feature available in a single user license or it is just with a server/client version? If not, could I buy an upgrade to my subscription to Office 365 that would include the ability to auto BCC?






I found a solution for automatically BCC'ing outgoing messages here:

I know others have answered and concluded that the mail flow rule is the right approach, but I thought this topic deserved some in-depth consideration, so here's
What if I don't have admin rights, and I want to Auto BCC myself or Auto CC may be to every email that I sent from Outlook Android Application.
Hi @Amit_coolcampus,
create a Power Automate flow that will do what you want.