Are Exchange (email) accounts "live" upon creation by admin, or only after first login by user?

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I create new Exchange accounts (for email only) for certain external vendors.


I also set them up with access to a few different internal business systems, all using their new email address as their username.


Each of these internal systems sends an automated setup email to the vendor, with a temporary password.


So — my (admittedly rookie) question is this....


Is their new Exchange/Outlook email account "live" and able to receive emails as soon as I create their Exchange account? Or is it only "live" after they login for the first time and change their password?


I ask, because I'd like create all their internal systems accounts immediately after I create their Exchange account — but I don't want the automatic notification emails to bounce. I was hoping that those emails would be waiting in their Outlook inbox when they login for the first time...


Thanks for any help!

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It can receive messages just fine even before the user logs in.