Anyone know the details regarding Office 365 and Graduates?

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So I got the email that all my Office 365 apps will be unavailable soon since I graduated this May. Which I understand, but there's just one thing that I'm not really sure of.
So if I already have past word/excel/ppt documents (past assignments and stuff) on my computer then those won't disappear right? I just won't be able to open them, until I purchase the Word app again myself? Or I can send them to another computer with Word and I can open it there?
If anyone knows about this, please let me know. I'm not super good with computer stuff :(

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They wont disappear, as long as you have them stored as offline copies. Best talk to your institution though, some of them have alumni programs that also provide O365 as benefit, and you probably want to check their policy with regards to keeping email/documetns anyway.