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Allow Teams Owners to Feed Delete Posts

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Hello! Can we get a feature that allows group owners to delete spammy or inappropriate messages from a larger Teams Channel? Slack is great and has this feature, but I have been frustrated not being able to curate and fully serve as an admin with full auditing control of this larger Teams Channel (2,000 employees). Please add this feature to help us best manage our channels! 

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@Andrea_Medina Hello, this is also possible with Teams policies.



Determines whether owners are allowed to delete all the messages in their team. Set this to TRUE to allow. Set this to FALSE to prohibit.


Set-CsTeamsMessagingPolicy (SkypeForBusiness) | Microsoft Docs

Just to add to the above - Team owners can delete messages in all channels by default, you shouldnt need to modify the policy for this. This does not apply to admins however - if you want an admin to be able to delete messages, add them as Onwer of the team first.

@Vasil Michev Hey Vasil, surely you still need to toggle on the setting in the policy "Owners can delete sent messages" first. This cannot be the default value (as it would create chaos in Teams with multiple owners).

Hi guys, see above. Would you mind posting input on the default value? Can't be on by default as Vasil mentioned, right?! I cannot verify as my account is disabled.. (due to parental leave).


@Chris Webb 

@adam deltinger 

@Christopher Hoard


@Vasil Michev is of course welcome to provide input again as well! ;)

It's on by default, always has been. And having it on or off doesn't matter since owners can just turn it on or off if they want. You can restrict it by policy thou for individual users across the board, but per Team is default and owner controlled setting.

@Chris Webb Aha! Now I get it... My org. turned it off before I joined (Oops!)


Thanks for the reply, appreciate it Chris!


@Vasil Michev had to check, you're almost 100 %, almost ;p



@Chris Webb @Vasil Michev @adam deltinger Hello, done some digging and as far as I can tell it hasn't always been enabled by default Controlling Message Deletion in Microsoft Teams - Petri


This is your own reply from another conversation just recently Chris.


"Messaging policy first need to be enabled: 
'Owners can delete sent messages' is one that enables the ability to set at the Team level that owners can delete messages per Team setting.

It takes time for this to apply, but without it, the options in the Manage Team > Settings Tab will not appear."


Delete Posts from General Channel - Microsoft Tech Community


This article even tells you that you have to enable it:

Enable teachers to delete conversations in Microsoft Teams - M365 Education | Microsoft Docs


So, if we should give the conversation starter a fair and correct answer. What should it be? Let me remind you that I'm not able to verify any settings myself as my account is disabled due to parental leave.

I’m talking about it being on by default at the team level. Not the policy level.

@Chris Webb Hey! Thanks for getting back to me!


Do you mean that if you use the messaging policy to enable the possibility for "owners to delete messages" then the checkbox under the Team settings will appear and the default value will be on, but free for owners to toggle on/off.


Or do you mean that the messaging policy has it enabled by default so the checkbox under the Teams settings is already ticked and need to be disabled with the messaging policy if you don't want to allow the possibility for the owners to toggle on/off?


If not, please elaborate. Just want to make sure I understand what you mean.


@adam deltinger @Linus Cansby any input?



I don't have a fresh tenant to verify what the default setting is on new tenant, but whatever the policy is set to is what all Teams will have by default unless explicitly specified off. So soon as it's on every Team has it on by default unless turned off.

@ChristianBergstrom There is no -AllowOwnerDeleteMessage parameter for the Set-CsTeamsMessagingPolicy cmdlet. Do you have an alternative method?

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