After converting MS word file in to PDF internal hyperlinks are not working (Including TOC too!)

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This week i started facing problem.

After converting MS word file in to PDF internal hyperlinks are not working (Including TOC too!)


Could you please provide soultion on this.

All of our technical writers facing the same issue.

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I believe this issue was introduced on the Sept 28 Build 14430.20234 in Current Channel - one of the "fixes" in there is to PDF and XPS export.

Switching to the Semi Annual Enterprise Channel and using build 13801.21004 does not exhibit this problem.

@vittala It's not possible to downgrade to a different version or switch to whatever the Semi Annual thing is - I work in a large enterprise and the IT department control all enterprise software updates and upgrades - it's just not possible to do what you suggest. Meantime, I can't distribute any technical product documentation because none of the links in the documents work.

What are you doing to fix this, Microsoft? It is absolutely catastrophic for Technical documentation departments.

@Jallen666Agree with you there. The changing versions work-around is only for people who have full control and what's happened is a pretty fundamental regression in Word functionality. I raised a ticket with MS, but the "switch to semi annual" response was what I got back.


However, I'm not even sure semi annual will be a long term fix - the XPS/PDF export "fix" that I suspect caused the problem was in the semi annual preview channel build for Sept 14 (Build 14326.20404), so the problem may crop up in the semi annual channel in March 2022.

Actually, according to this thread ( the issue has been resolved in the latest Current channel.

The Oct 14 release, coming just 2 days after the previous release does seem to be an attempt to patch this regression.