Address rewrite not working for Calendar items

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We are running a hybrid environment with 3 active directory domains, 3 on-prem Exchange clusters and the majority of our mailboxes in O365.

We have set up a default address rewrite so that emails from everyone across the 3 different legacy domain names appear to come from the new domain name. Emails are sent from O365 back to the on-prem clusters for rewriting. Lets use an example

Address rewrite is set up so all emails from the above addresses are displayed to external recipients as:

This works perfectly for all outbound emails, however it does not work with meeting/calendar invites.

For example, my own mailbox has the default alias of, and when I send an email to a recipient outside of our organisation, it shows as coming from, but when I send a meeting/appointment to an external recipient, it shows as coming from

Has anyone seen this before, if so - do you have any tips on where to start the troubleshooting process?

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Hi @bonezAU,


I believe that's by design. You can try to use ChooseFrom 365 cloud service to rewrite the From: address of Meetings.