Access to Microsoft Bookings

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I am attempting to access Microsoft Bookings for the first time, but I am constantly redirected to the Onboarding page (


I am an Admin for our organization and have enabled Bookings within Org Settings (


Within the Admin Center, I also assigned the Microsoft Bookings application to my user. The Bookings app is available within the top-left menu in Office 365, but it keeps redirecting me to the Onboarding page mentioned above. This page tells me to "Ask you Admin," which is myself.


I'm wondering if this may be a provisioning issue and will sort itself out over time, or if there's a step I may be missing. The Org Settings and app assignment seem to be the only steps listed in order to enable access to Bookings.

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It looks like this was just a license provisioning issue. I was able to access the Bookings application about an hour after assigning the application to my user.

@npa-kyle  This is happening to me, but I've used Bookings for months. Then, one day, it suddenly starts kicking me to the onboarding page. My licenses haven't changed. very strange. 

Hi @npa-kyle, I have same issue. did you find the solution?