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To tell you about new program developments - like the new Office Insider for Business section we just launched on our website! 


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We won't be posting our Build Updates here. Those will remain in the Microsoft Answers community. (The reason for this is because we need to be able to move these threads around to different forums within Answers for triage help from our experts.) If you have issues or problems with a build, please post your question in the Office Insider Answers community and you'll get help there!  


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I've a question on excel how and who do I need to talk with?

@Mayham ,

I'd probably post your Excel-specific questions in the Excel forum on the Tech Community. Here's the link!


@Susan Cockrell 


Hi Susan,


I have used Microsoft Office for a lot of years.  Today, I joined the Office Insider Community and posted a question within the Office 365 community, but under my profile it doesn't show any open conversations and I can't see it.  My question, how do I subscribe to my posts?  How do I see the status of the question?  Did my question get posed to the group?


I'd appreciate your help in guiding me in this resource.


Thank you,


Hi, @Tom_at_work ,

That's strange, by clicking on your name, I can see your post in the Offie 365 forum (and see you've got responses, too!). The question is here in case you are still having a problem getting to it:


In the Getting Started Guide below, there's a section about how to ensure that you're getting subscribed to all of the topics that you've started:


Thanks for being a part of our Office Insider and Office 365 community! We appreciate you! 




Good idea, thank you.
Please check out my Feature Request, I feel very strongly that this feature has been overlooked and this continues to hinder me as a result.

Tengo una pregunta, estoy en una escuela donde hay más de 1000 niños, donde necesitamos una oficina educativa 365, si es posible de forma gratuita o lo más económica posible, ya que son de bajos ingresos. Hicimos el primer registro y nos dieron el A1 gratis, pero hasta septiembre, después de ese período de prueba ... ¿tengo que pagar? Si es así, ¿cuánto? ¿Hay alguna manera de tenerlo gratis de por vida? Sé que debemos validar la institución, ¿cómo lo hago? y que es necesario

No quiero ir a septiembre y tener que pagar por cada licencia otorgada a los maestros (más que nada que sea insostenible) y tampoco quiero que corten el servicio. Así que le pido que si me puede informar de todo, en detalle, se lo agradeceré muchísimo.

La escuela es primaria, hasta los 13 años, en el interior de Argentina.

Mil disculpas por las dudas, pero no encontré mucha información relacionada con el proceso.

@Susan Cockrell 

best response confirmed by Susan Cockrell (Microsoft)

Hello @agustinbracamonte


Here's a link that goes over the different plans for Office 365 Education. At the bottom of the Office 365 Education page, there is a Q&A that should help answer your questions. 




HI i am getting Run-time error 13 TYPE MIS MATCH



Can you provide us with the exact version/build number you're on? Also, does this only happen for 1 specific spreadsheet or all spreadsheet you try to open?



Good Day! @Susan Cockrell,


I was wondering if you could assist me to where the sections or forums that I have selected (from the new members fill out form) to be a part of? Example is I selected to be a part of the Microsoft Teams forum or Skype for Business, however, I couldn't see any of the forums in the website or was it really made only for email newsletter?


I'm unfamiliar with the UI of Tech Community website, maybe you could help me out, I would appreciate any help!


Kind Regards,



Hello @Hectoregala,


On the top nav bar of the TechCommunity site, you should see a drop down for Community Hub. There you will see the hubs you joined but if you're not seeing any there or it says (0) next to My Hubs, you will need to join them. At the bottom of the Community Hub drop down, there is an option to Browse All Community Hubs. From there, you will see all the communities you can join. Just click the Join button for each hub you want to be a member of. Hopefully this help.




Thank you! @Evan_Bolin 

@Susan Cockrell I have been using great new Excel functions and features from Office Insiders. But today I found that the new LET function seems to have been removed again, leaving my workbooks not working properly. Is this normal - for Office Insiders to remove functions already introduced, without any kind of warning?

Hi, @HowardS !


I'm happy to hear you've been using the new Excel functions and features we've been releasing to Insiders. The LET function is one of several features that are currently only available to a portion of Office Insiders at this time. Access to this feature can change from update to update while we continue to optimize the feature over the next several months. While we don’t have a specific ETA for when the feature will be available to all Insiders, you can check in the app after future updates to see if the feature becomes available to you again.




As a huge fan of Office and Office 365, I glad to be a part of the community.


@Susan Cockrell 

So happy to have you here, @Dominique Pollard ! :stareyes: