Unable to export powerpoint to word

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Good evening,


I am struggling to export a PowerPoint presentation to word. 


I have tried and I keep getting an error message come up which states 'PowerPoint couldn't write to Microsoft word.' However some slides appear converted and others do not.


I have tried compressing images in order to reduce the file and still had no luck.


I have been on the phone to someone from Microsoft for the last 30 minutes trying to resolve with no luck and they have directed me here. 


I need to export this for my studies as it is the only way it will be accepted and really need some help.


I recently had some help from Microsoft as my tabs kept closing and changes were made to my computer so could have something to do with it.


Please help :\


I look forward to hearing from you.



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Hi @Hayley_Rowden 

If you are exporting your PowerPoint slides and notes to Word using the PowerPoint Windows app and receiving the error message "PowerPoint couldn't write to Microsoft Word", try the solution below.  



  • Close the Word app with the error message
  • Reopen the Word app and create a new blank document
  • Export the PowerPoint presentation


    Hope this helps.